I’m a small town designer with big hopes and dreams. Take a look around! It’s nice and cozy here.

Current Project


Here is the current project I am working on. Boutique la Passerelle is a European clothing store based in Pittsburgh. I have already designed a tri-fold brochure, and I plan on expanding this piece into a campaign by adding a newsletter, clothing tags, and other pieces. Any updates to the project will be posted here, as well as on my social media pages.

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I am able to design a variety of printed pieces. For example:

I also have experience in web design, and I am able to design and code a basic website. I am definitely open to expanding my knowledge on the topic!

More About Me

Goals and Future Plans

As I am just starting my career as a graphic designer, I have many plans for the future! My main goal is to eventually open up an online shop for decorative posters and artwork. Along with that, I want to start doing commissions for custom pieces. Keep an eye out for any updates on my social media pages.